HDLink Pro

HDLink Pro 3D DisplayPort

The world's most advanced HD, 2K and 3D monitoring for DisplayPort displays

Brand: Blackmagic Design
Warranty: 3 Years

HDLink Pro 3D DisplayPort an affordable 2D/3D HDTV and 2K SDI monitoring solution. With support for HDMI 1.4a full resolution 3D monitoring, real time hardware lookup tables, 3G SDI, 4:4:4 SDI video and 6 channel analogue audio outputs, it will solve all your SDI to HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort monitoring needs

Get the highest quality in both 4:2:2 and 4:4:4. Perfect for SD, HD and feature film 2K monitoring. HDLink Pro supports 1.62 and 2.7 Gb/s DisplayPort monitors with 1, 2 and 4 lanes as well as DVI and HDMI monitors with an adapter.

HDLink Pro DVI

Eliminate the high cost of HD and 2K professional monitoring!

Brand: Blackmagic Design
Warranty: 3 Years

HDLink Pro with DVI-D is the most advanced monitoring solution for DVI and HDMI displays.

With dual link 3Gb/s SDI for 2K, HD and SD compatibility, built-in 3D lookup table colour management, hardware upscaling and 6 channel analogue audio outputs. HDLink Pro gives you incredible pixel for pixel perfect monitoring!

HDLink Optical Fiber

The world's most advanced HD and 2K monitoring solution for DVI and HDMI displays

Brand: Blackmagic Design
Warranty: 3 Years

HDLink Optical Fiber includes all the same incredible features as HDLink Pro DVI plus adds direct connections for the latest 3 Gb/s optical fiber technology!

Connect to either the copper 3 Gb/s SDI input or the 3 Gb/s optical fiber input and HDLink will automatically detect the correct input to use!

SmartView Duo

Intelligent SDI rack monitoring for the ultimate broadcast studio

Brand: Blackmagic Design
Warranty: 12 Months

Affordable SDI Monitoring with the new SmartView Duo! Get the ultimate in low cost SDI monitoring with SmartView Duo! Perfect for post production, broadcast or live events, SmartView Duo features two large 8 inch LCD screens in a compact rack mount design that's less than an inch thick! SmartVideo Duo handles all SD, HD and 3 Gb/s SDI video standards, and all screens can be remotely adjusted via your ethernet network! Use SmartView Duo in racks for local monitoring, for multi monitor video walls in master control rooms or for camera monitoring for production switchers! With SmartView Duo you can afford to put SDI monitoring everywhere you need!

SmartView Duo features two fully independent 8 inch monitors for incredible monitoring. Each monitor includes loop through SDI video, which instantly switches between any SD, HD and 3 Gb/s SDI source, even 2K video over 3 Gb/s SDI! SmartView Duo includes no mechanical controls so it won't suffer from damage or settings drift. When matching multiple screens in master control rooms, SmartView Duo includes loop though Ethernet for remote adjustment, even from a laptop computer! If you need to mount SmartView Duo in the extreme top or bottom of an equipment rack, SmartView Duo's LCDs can be rotated upside down for the optimum viewing angle! SmartView Duo will automatically sense the rotation and flip both onscreen images! SmartView Duo even includes a choice of red, green or blue tally indication!

SmartView HD

Intelligent SDI rack monitoring for the ultimate broadcast studio!

Brand: Blackmagic Design
Warranty: 12 Months

SmartView HD features an amazing 17" LCD screen that lets you monitor SD, HD and 3Gb/s SDI video in full resolution HD. Just as impressive is its ultra slim, 6RU rack mountable design

Just as impressive is its ultra slim, 6RU rack mountable design. Only an inch thick, it's the perfect size for all your SDI monitoring needs. What's more, SmartView HD can be conveniently adjusted from your Mac or Windows computer via the built in Ethernet.

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